1390 10th St, Berkeley, CA 94710

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Where are you located? Our facility is located 1390 10th Street in Berkeley, one block south of Gilman.

Can I drop-in all day and/or use the facility on my own? Currently, our facility is only available during classes or while working with a trainer. However, we would be happy to show you around by appointment. Please call or email us to schedule your visit.

What are the class workouts like at Phoenix Gym? Our programs combine techniques and methods from a variety of sources, including sports conditioning, weight training, kickboxing, martial arts, yoga, and cardio exercise. Every single class is different, and we build on skills to create workouts that are consistently challenging and effective.

What is personal training like? We create individualized programs designed with your specific abilities, strengths, and limitations in mind to help you meet your personal goals as effectively as possible. We provide one-on-one attention and motivation to ensure you are able to work to your highest capacity, and learn new skills efficiently. We offer individual training tailored to your goals in overall fitness and conditioning, kickboxing, and sport-specific performance.

I've never exercised before. Are your programs right for me? Lack of experience or athletic ability is a great starting point. Many of our clients are new to exercise, and our trainers were also new to exercise once, so we know what it is like. We love working with beginners, because the gains you will make are often especially exciting.

I'm an experienced athlete. Are your programs right for me? Our group classes provide challenges for people at all fitness levels. Personal training takes it further by focusing on your specific requirements.

I'm very self-motivated. Is it worth it for me to try this? Even the most self-disciplined people will find that they can often benefit significantly by working with a trainer and in a group. In addition to learning new skills, there's the motivation of accountability, and we offer that in spades. Plus the people here are fun to be around.

I have an injury. Would I be fine in your group classes? It depends. More often than not, having an injury does not mean you have to stop your sports activities. As our own experience shows, it is very often possible to modify and adapt your exercise in such manner that in fact promotes faster recovery. First, check with your doctor and then contact us so we can assess whether our group instruction is suited to your current situation, or if personal training might be a better fit.